I’ve been struggling with a few things lately. I keep setting my intentions to meditate daily, yet I’m not doing it daily. I would venture to guess that I meditate 2 to 3 times per week. And yoga is slipping away from me since I’m struggling to get to a yoga class once a week right now. What practice can I do quickly and almost effortlessly that will instill a sense of calm appreciation? It is practicing gratitude daily.

There’s a growing body of research that establishes gratitude as a practice with a whole host of physical and psychological benefits. Grateful people enjoy stronger relationships and are more likely to be optimistic, inspired, and empathetic. Cultivating a mind-set of gratitude has also been linked to increased levels of immunity, higher sleep quality, and improved heart health. Sounds like gratitude has a lot in common with superfoods like goji blueberries, blueberries and kale! 🙂

Exercise Gratitude

Just as you exercise your body, you can exercise your mind to view the world in new ways. A few minutes each week is all it takes to cultivate gratitude and experience the benefits of this new “superfood.”

For one week, write a list of things that you feel grateful for in your life each morning. Your list can include tangible things like people, places, and events as well as more abstract things like a particular feeling you experienced in a situation.

For example:

• I feel grateful for a comfortable bed to sleep in every night.
• I feel grateful that my partner cleaned our house before I came home from work.
• I feel grateful that I have enough money to live a life that supports my goals.

Keep this list in a journal, in your planner, on your desk at work, or posted in a place where you’ll see it daily. Right now I’m using the Notes app on my phone to make my list. Today was my first day in a while!

Jump on board with me and see how being mindfully grateful from now until New Year’s Day will make you feel. Continue challenging yourself to add new items to your list and notice how the feeling of gratitude grows and expands throughout your day!

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