So where am I now? I’m still on my personal quest to find balance both with food and in life. I maintain that I am 95% pescatarian. That is vegetarian plus some fish. I consume very limited dairy and eggs. Dairy in the form of pizza once every couple of weeks and and a hard boiled egg in a salad or very, very rarely for breakfast. I watch a steady stream of YouTube and other educational videos as well as read about nutrition. The more I read and watch, the greater the case for a primarily plant based diet to age well and reverse or avoid diseases. With this in mind, I continue to read about lifestyles that embrace this mindset. One such lifestyle that can be vegan or vegan plus fish (no eggs and no dairy) is macrobiotics.

Macrobiotics is not at all new, but totally relevant today for those of us looking live a healthy and fulfilled life, without medication, without counting calories or weighing portions or keeping a food log. This way of life was popularized in Japan by George Oshwana in the mid 1900’s.
It is also referred to as the “rice diet” as rice was and is included in this way of eating. Macrobiotics includes many fresh vegetables, sea vegetables, miso, grains, including brown rice, beans and legumes. It does not allow for anything artificial, processed or sweetened. Fish a couple of times a week and some fruit is ok. Some drink red wine in limited amounts as well. All food are local, seasonal and organic. This supports the Japanese concepts of yin and yang, reflecting on the importance of balance even in the foods we eat, according to macrobiotics. Eating local, seasonal and organic are some of the balancing principles supported by macrobiotics. There are more specifics to learn in order to be true to this food life-style than I can write about here. Check out this link for further information.

Like yin and yang, the philosophy of clean-ish eating, is most effective as a lifestyle when our underlying needs are addressed regularly and prioritized. Areas in our lives including spirituality, relationships, career, and physical activity encompass the underpinnings of our emotional well-being. If we are emotionally well nourished, food becomes just food. How many of us eat to reward ourselves or eat to relive stress, frustration or for comfort? How many times do we eat to celebrate per year?

Let’s take a few moments to reflect and determine which areas of our lives need nurturing so we can feel balanced enabling us to make mindful decisions about what we eat, when we eat and how we eat.. and still enjoy celebrations as well as deal with our own emotions.

This is exactly what we will work on in 30 Days of Balance. Starting Monday!!! Sign up before Saturday to receive a free 1-on-1 Deep Dive to Thrive Session with me. This one-hour call will help you address all the areas in your life where you are not thriving, and then give you actionable steps to restoring balance to your life. Normally $197, this call is FREE when you sign up for 30 Days of Balance by this Saturday.

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