I am more mindful now.

“As a single mom and manager of a busy medical office I had lost all sense of self constantly catering to all the needs around me but never taking care of myself. The 30 Days of Balance course helped me see that I am important too and started to shift my focus. Through the program I have learned to set attainable goals and intentions so that I can begin to see progress instead of focusing on failure when I aim too high. I have started to focus on my spirituality, my mental well-being as well as the physical. I’m thankful that I now have the tools that I need to be mindful of how I spend my time and what I put into my body.

Side note: I did actually get into a pair of jeans last weekend that I hadn’t worn since last year bc they were just too snug. Now they fit comfortably!”

– Alycce Bunch

We’ve lost weight without feeling hungry!

“I shall be eternally grateful for the knowledge I received during my Cleanish Living 101 classes. I truly believe Susan has found her niche. She kept the sessions very interesting and engaging. I found that if I took notes, I could look back on the session and let the material sink in. The trip to the grocery store was fun, but I wish I had written down some of the cooking tips Susan gave me as we looked at the produce. Of course, her availability by phone was very helpful when my memory failed me.

My husband benefited from learning to live a healthy life style, too! I had been gaining two pounds a year for the past five years and did not like where I was headed. Since I started working with Susan, I have slowly lost six pounds and am happy with the direction I am going now. My husband lost ten pounds and we do not feel hungry like we did when we were dieting. I am very grateful for the entire experience. Thank you, thank you!”

– Cathy and Bob Quick

I finally feel comfortable in my skin again.

“I really thought I had healthy habits. I worked out, ate well, and I thought I was getting good sleep. However, over the past couple of years, I noticed the weight started slowly creeping up on me again. I knew it was time to do something different… Something had to change. I contacted Susan to help me out. Throughout my time, I had to make some realizations… Some were hard and others not. Through some careful examination and weekly goals and intentions, I have never felt better inside and outside! I finally feel comfortable in my skin again and I feel well equipped to deal with my “ish” moments. My clothes fit better, I feel healthier physically and emotionally. This is a completely doable lifestyle change!

Thank you so much Susan!”

– Ashley Brown

I am finally making lifestyle changes that will actually stick.

“I have been working with Susan for about six weeks now. During this time, she has helped me make several small changes that have helped me to eat better and feel better about myself. But I think the biggest transformation that has come about as the result of our coaching sessions has been a shift in my thinking regarding food. I have gained and lost weight (mostly gained) all my life. My biggest obstacle has not been a lack of knowledge, it has been a lack of consistency. I’ll do really well for a while, but if I mess up just once, I tend to throw in the towel. Then I feel bad about myself for a while until my feeling bad prompts me to start again. Susan helped me see that this all-or-nothing mentality is thwarting my efforts at making lasting change. When I, for whatever reason, eat something that I shouldn’t eat, she will tell me, ‘Let it go and do better today.’

She has taught me that it’s okay to eat the things I love in moderation, but that I have to be intentional about it and control what I eat instead of letting what I eat (or the emotions behind it) control me. It’s great to be able to plan for an indulgence, but it’s not great when I indulge in something unhealthy for emotional reasons. Holding me accountable, and asking me questions that lead me to dig deeper about why I make bad choices, has had a huge impact on the way I view and live a healthy lifestyle.

It is uncomfortable sometimes to be honest about what I’ve eaten, especially when it hasn’t been so good. But the results are well worth the discomfort. Since beginning my coaching with Susan, I have lost 13 pounds! But more importantly, I feel like I am finally making lifestyle changes that will actually stick. I am learning to plan ahead, to be intentional about my indulgences, and to shift my focus when I’m tempted to make bad choices. I feel like I am finally on the right path and I have never felt more in control. I can’t recommend Susan’s coaching sessions and her practical approach to clean eating highly enough!”

– Margo Holder

I finally feel like I’m in control again.

“I met Susan 8 weeks ago at the suggestion of a friend after hearing that I was struggling with losing weight, despite having started a new workout routine. I was a skeptic. I told myself that I didn’t lack the knowledge of how to eat well, so the best that could come of it was a few new recipes. What I didn’t realize was that all the knowledge in the world does no good without the ability to utilize it. Susan has taught me something I never thought possible – how to live a clean-ish life on a budget with extremely limited time -and be successful at it.

I refer to Susan not as my nutritionist but my health coach. She has opened my eyes to how the quality of every area of my life affects my choices with food. My self esteem has always been pretty low, especially the last five years as my weight as steadily increased to its heaviest ever, and it wasn’t until these last few weeks that I realized how I subconsciously talk to myself drives what I consume and how I’m able to control emotional eating.

What I love about Susan’s concept is that there is room for those foods we all think we will have to live without, whether it’s wine or cake or pasta, as long as we make the deliberate choice to partake wisely in the “ISH” and plan for it. Emotions should never drive my food choices because that is when I find myself failing and it turns into a negative, downhill spiral. The best part is I don’t have to count calories, points, or ounces in order to give myself that little bit of freedom. I finally feel like I’m in control again.

In the past 8 weeks, I’ve dropped 12 pounds and one pant size. I’m at my lowest weight in two years and expect that to continue in the right direction. Susan has helped me learn to be consistent in my planning, rational in my choices, and shape clean eating to fit my life. For once, I truly understand what it means to make a lifestyle change!”

– Robin Harrington

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